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I have tremendous fun working with different writers to develop and articulate their thoughts. This small sampling of texts is by no means an exhaustive list of the collaborators and articles that I've learned from or that have mattered to me over the years, but it does indicate some of the ideas that I've engaged with as an editor, and that have, in turn, shaped my concerns as a writer and person. All credit belongs to the writers. 

– Artist Sean Raspet tackles art-world greenwashing in "Remember when contemporary art solved the climate crisis?"  

– Writer and researcher Nadia Chrstidi discusses how the climate crisis might change what we value as knowledge.

– Artist Tuan Andrew Nguyen pays homage to his former professor Daniel Joseph Martinez, who showed him the possibilities of radical empathy.

– Artist Ra'aja Khalid unpacks novelist Kurt Vonnegut's unrelenting "politics of decency," and how he has influenced her work.

– Artist Haig Aivazian examines the "sticky ambiguities" of Romantic painter Eugène Delacroix, and the violence that comes with the act of looking.

– Writer and curator Godfre Leung explores the potential for solidarity between Asian and Indigenous artists. 

– Writer and scholar Kaitlin Hao scrutinizes a provocative exhibition in Tokyo that aimed to propel democratic free speech

– Writer and editor Jaime Chu evaluates the efforts that Chinese institutions have made at including and empowering marginalized groups.

– Writer Suining Sim interviewed performance-art-platform Diasporas Now about the powers of collectivity.

Chloe Chu

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